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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Free training available to Southern California Youth coaches

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15,000 California coaches to receive free training

Champaign, IL-- In an initiative aimed at providing training to 15,000 youth sport coaches over the next five years, the LA84 Foundation and Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation (SCMAF) have partnered with the leading coaching education provider, American Sport Education Program (ASEP), to offer a customized online training and certification program to SCMAF coaches.

Through the sponsorship of the LA84 Foundation, 3,000 coaches per year over the next five years will have the opportunity to take the LA84 Foundation's Art of Coaching for SCMAF Coaches (Human Kinetics, 2010) online course at no cost. Participation is highly recommended by LA84 Foundation and SCMAF.

The two-tiered coaching education program features the general coaching course LA84 Foundation's Art of Coaching for SCMAF Coaches, was released December 1, 2009, plus sport-specific LA84 Foundation's Coaching Youth [Sport] courses for flag football, basketball, and volleyball, which will be available fall 2010. The courses will be made available through the ASEP Web site more

Apply the basics of sport nutrition to Performance and Training

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Author Marie Dunford offers a look at the growing field of sport nutrition

Champaign, IL-- Students, athletes and professionals who work with athletes have a new one-stop resource on sports nutrition.Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Nutrition (Human Kinetics, January 2010) provides readers with a preparatory look at the exciting field of sport and exercise nutrition, including its foundational concepts and the diverse career options available. Readers will gain a basic understanding of how nutrition affects sport performance and exercise training. They will also see how this knowledge is put to work in today's sport environment.


Take the Guess Work out of Baseball Practice

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American Baseball Coaches Association offers book to maximize baseball players' abilities

Champaign, IL-- Some of the greatest baseball coaches of all time have teamed with the leading up-and-comers to compile Practice Perfect Baseball (Human Kinetics, January 2010), the ultimate guide to running baseball practices so every player is prepared come game day. Edited by the game's largest and most respected coaches organization, the American Baseball Coaches Association, Practice Perfect Baseball sports a roster of top contributors covering the topics they know best: Ed Cheff, Lewis-Clark State College: 16 national titles Keith Madison, University of Kentucky: 730 career victories Terry Rooney, University of Central Florida: holds school's season victory record.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Are Athletes Prone to Violence

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Are athletes more prone to violence?
Author explores anger issues among sports participants

Champaign, IL-- Fans and media personalities sometimes question the link between sports and violence, given incidents with football, basketball and even women's college soccer players, to name a few. In Anger Management in Sport: Understanding and Controlling Violence in Athletes (Human Kinetics, February 2010), author Mitch Abrams confronts stereotypes and addresses anger in a variety of sport contexts.

Abrams blames media headlines for the widely held notion that athletes gravitate toward violence more readily than non-athletes. "Athletes are not more violent than non-athletes," Abrams asserts. "Athletes are human. Many people in our society struggle with anger, and some athletes do as well. The goal is to start the journey toward helping athletes and those working with them handle their emotions and live to their fullest potential in life."

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