Monday, February 25, 2008

Summer Camps. How to use them for your recruiting advantage!

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Depending on your year in high school, a summer camp is one of the best ways for you to get a first person look at a campus, the facilities and the coaching staff. On the flip side it is the best way for the coaching staff to evaluate you, your skills and if you will fit into their style of program. For those reasons, attending a camp (or a few) at schools high on your interest list is a good idea. But keep these things in mind…
1) Avoid camps at schools which play at a level beyond your reach/ability. If you would be a good Division III athlete then generally speaking a D-I camp will not help you get recruited. (Note: some D-III coaches work at D-I camps and use them for recruiting purposes). Before you go, find out what schools the coaches are from to make sure you are a fit academically as well as athletically.
2) If you are using camps to enhance recruiting and a few of the camp dates conflict, see if you can attend for just one day. Football camps encourage this. They all just want a closer look and one day will suffice – it also tells them how interested you are by the effort you make in attending.
3) Show good character at camps – Coaches look at more than your skill. In most cases, being difficult to coach, or a poor sport with teammates and officials will work against you in the process.
4) Contact coaches working the camp prior to attending. Let them know who you are, your grades, some athletic history facts and most importantly that you are interested in their program. Letter, email, even a phone call. Just get in touch!

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