Monday, August 25, 2008

Medical Awareness for Female Cross Country Runners

******************************************************************************** a 10 year staple of every competitive runner from high school on up has team up with a medical student to study the Menstrual Irregularities in HS Cross Country Runners.
Menstrual Irregularities in High School Cross Country Runners My name is Jennifer Malcolm and I used to run Pennsylvania District 1 cross-country and track with Villa Maria Academy and went on to compete at Bucknell University. I am now a first year resident at the Medical College of Georgia and am pursuing a career in sports medicine. Dr. Christopher Mehallo of the Rothman Institute and I would like your help this fall with our study on menstrual irregularities in high school cross-country runners.
This is a VOLUNTEER study involving an ONLINE questionnaire. The study is strictly CONFIDENTIAL. The runners will NOT indicate their name or school on the questionnaire. The initial survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, and athletes will be asked to keep a log of their menstrual cycles during the 2007 cross-country season. The log is also online and requires less than 5 minutes of your time each month.

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