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Friday, January 01, 2010

Pretzel City Sports Running Update

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Pretzel City Sports Newsletter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dec Shiver by the River THIS SUNDAY!!!!!
Kris Kringle results on Pretzel City Sports and pagoda pacers weh site
Time to get your Chilly Cheeks apps in

New Year Babies and Bubblies:
This is a very "stripped down version" of our weekly run update, due to family commitments. So, no dirty jokes, life observations, bad puns, etc this week; just a wish for a Happy New Year. We'll resume our normal format next week.

1) Every indication is that we will FINALLY get the Dec Shiver by the River race in this Sunday. I can relate to the dilemma that these reschedulings have caused the Pagoda Pacers race directors; I normally get my Christmas cards out in Jan as well so if you haven't gotten one from me yet, don't give up hope!! REMEMBER THAT WE HAVE A NEW LOCATION FOR THE SHIVER AND ALSO THAT YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP FOR THE SERIES AT THE 1ST RACE, AT A REDUCED COST VERSUS ENTERING EACH ONE INDIVIDUALLY


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