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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Baseball Recruiting Success Story

Dear Mr. Lauenstein,

We purchased your book when our son was going into the 9th grade. He had been playing competitive ball since he was 12 and always had aspirations of playing in college. We knew several players that had gone on to play college, and had tried to gain insights from their parents but still had numerous unanswered questions. My husband is a coach and I am educator, so we are no strangers to athletics or to colleges, but your book really helped to guide us through the system.

Recognizing how important this goal was, we followed most of your suggestions and have worked hard these past three years to guide our son in the right direction. We are thrilled to report that he will be signing a National Letter of Intent to play baseball at Newberry College in South Carolina. He really wanted to sign early so he could relax and enjoy his senior season. Because we were using your book, we also realized that most of a school’s scholarship money would be used in the early signing period. They made him an offer that will pay 50% of his tuition and living expenses. A pretty fair trade for the price of your book!

You are so correct in stating that most parents don’t realize how important it is to get your son seen. Since our son has signed, numerous parents are asking us how we did it! I tell them a lot of hard work and then I give them the information for your book. It has been quite a journey and we made our fair share of mistakes along the way, but your insights helped keep us focused and encouraged!

Best Wishes,

Judy F

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