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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Steve Stetson notes on Hamilton Football

Wesleyan Game Newsletter

This was a very difficult 10-9 loss for us. We played with intensity pretty much the entire game. We made our share of mistakes on both sides of the ball. Wesleyan also played very well and obviously made a few less critical errors than we did. Their QB threw for 365 yards against us which helped them control the ball. They only put up 10 points, but that is all they needed. We moved the ball offensively at times again but we struggled when we got near the end zone.

After two games we know this: We will play hard.

We have quite a few injuries and are in the process of teaching some people to play both ways. Due to the lack of numbers on our roster we believe we have to take this action. We considered it in the off season but felt two way players would limit us as far as being multiple on either side of the ball. Injuries had to be kept at a minimum for us to be a two platoon team like the rest of the league. Unfortunately the reverse has transpired, so we have acted immediately. We have told the team we are playing to win THIS WEEK, not next week or next year. This week happens to be Trinity which has been a powerhouse for years now. Quite frankly the opponent doesn’t matter to me right now. We have to put our BEST PLAYERS on the field and running this program like a NESCAC college football team with a full 75 man roster is not going to work. Today we are dressing about 49 players for practice.( This set of circumstances has nothing to do with the administration, which is very supportive of us.) Last year we were lucky in that we suffered very few injuries where players had to sit out games. This year has already taken a toll on us.

We are moving forward with a sense of urgency that I believe most of you would appreciate in your own business. I know sometimes that a step like this can initially look like a step backward. I also know that sometimes a move like the one we are making ends up being the catalyst for better results. We are looking to create a “spark.” We are closer to more of the NESCAC teams than we were a year ago, but this is not horseshoes. We are playing to be the best we can be. I firmly believe this move will enhance our chances today, tomorrow, this weekend and beyond.

I will keep you posted.

Steve Stetson


Our team was thrilled to have members from the 1967 team here last weekend. My wife, Sue, and I were invited to their dinner celebration. It was a great night. The team members were unanimous in their words of praise about what a great experience Hamilton College Football had been and still continues to be in the realm of friendship and bonding. Although the current team had just lost, this was a night of celebrating and sharing of genuine affection for one another that is rarely seen in any setting today. I walked away very proud of my association with Hamilton College Football.
Steve Stetson Head Football Coach Hamilton College 315.859.4757

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