Sunday, November 11, 2007

Steve Stetson Talks about Loss to Middlebury

Middlebury Newsletter Our game against Middlebury was about as frustrating as it gets. We moved the ball well for the great majority of the game against Middlebury. However, we also threw 5 interceptions, lost 1 fumble, and had a punt blocked for the first time since I can remember. Defensively, we played a very good football game. We gave up one TD on a long drive, but the rest of the scoring was pretty much a result of what our offense either did or did not do. We lost the game 28-0.

This had the makings of a great football game. There is no doubt that Middlebury is a very good football team. They will at least tie for the league championship this year.
We still have a ways to go. The last two weeks have seen the worst in us relative to turnovers. Most of these have not necessarily been the result of pressure from the opponent, but instead have been due to unforced errors on our part. We knew Middlebury had a great punt rush unit, and they should receive their due. However, the remaining turnovers, in my mind, are things we need to straighten out quickly if we are to finish on a high note.

The Bates game will be the last game for our seniors. I have a lot of respect for their perseverance. They started with about 30 teammates in their freshman class. That same class has dwindled down to 13 members. To a man, they are proud that they stayed the course. To their credit, they have led the current Hamilton team, which has suffered through many injuries and has had its share of ups and downs. I have heard only positive things from this entire group. In my opinion we have played hard EVERY SINGLE GAME - SO FAR. We have not played well in every game, but we have played hard, and I thank these seniors for their commitment and leadership.

Win or lose on Saturday, we could have had much better results this season. We all know it, and we all will have to live with it. My hope, as I have expressed to the seniors and to the rest of the team, is that we finish the season playing just as hard as we have all year long. That did not happen in our final game last year. If we are successful on Saturday, our record will be the best football record at Hamilton in 11 years!

We are currently concentrating our recruiting efforts on early decision two. The application deadline is January 1. Please let us know if you are aware of any prospects who have the grades, the football ability, and the motivation to go to a school like Hamilton. We will follow up on your recommendations.

I hope all is well with all of you.
Steve Stetson

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