Sunday, May 24, 2009

Complete Conditioning for Baseball

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Editors Note: This book comes with a DVD, and it even tags the drills in the book as ones that are on DVD. I would have liked to see a few more tagged as the photos do not do justice to the actual technique being described. Unless there is a photo seguence from numerous, I don't think they ever work well in these books.

Overall the actual exercises mirror most others found in the general strength and conditoning books Human Kinetics Publishes. There are some good baseball, or shoulder specific exercises, that are helpful but the the real benefits for sport specific training guides deals with the year round programming - pre-season, in season, off season, training, etc. The issue is that most younger athletes not specializing in one sport are often playing another sport. A good maintenance program should be required by any sport - but if you are playing basketball in the winter, there should be a clear goal to work on shoulder strengthing exercises during the season (without huring your basketball) so that you are not behind the eight ball when spring comes. A book like this should help you and a coach figure that out.

Champaign (IL) - Today’s players are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before. A focused conditioning program has become essential to on-the-field success. Complete Conditioning for Baseball features a comprehensive training approach that builds players’ physical abilities as well as the baseball-specific skills their positions require.


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