Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Sport Nutrition Text Caters to Coaches' Specific Needs

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Editors Note: I'll be blunt folks. Sports Nutrition information is great stuff - but if you can't win the last mile, don't bother. The last mile in this case is actualy ability for the athlete to have timely access to the recommended foods for proper nutiton. Many coaches are just worried about their kids getting something to eat at night or in the morning before school, let alone the "optimal sports nutrition". This issue is far greater reaching than sports performance. As a nation, we are aware that hungry students do not learn very well in the classroom, yet we still can't get them all fed and ready to go each day.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with this information and any little bit helps and the Girls Cross County Team at Fayetteville Manlius would likely have this information and the access to any food they need, but that is not the norm. That said, this book does cover some very important topics that encompass more than just an athlete's performance and nutrition. Health issues related to alcohol use, weight gain and loss as well as supplements are covered. This looks to be a nice text for any coach to review and have access to.

Champaign, IL-- Coaches and fitness professionals often have trouble teaching athletes nutrition habits for optimal performance. The upcoming Sport Nutrition for Coaches (Human Kinetics, June 2009) solves that problem. In it, sport nutrition expert Leslie Bonci offers coaches, personal trainers, and fitness specialists an easy-to-understand guide written specifically for people with no previous experience with sport nutrition.


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