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Advances in Sport Psychology (Human Kinetics, April 2008

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Updated book examines advances, future directions in sport psychology

Champaign, IL -- The updated third edition of Advances in Sport Psychology (Human Kinetics, April 2008) offers a view of the latest research in the field of sport psychology. The text's contributors--some of the field's most prolific researchers and scholars--extend the boundaries that have defined the field and provide a clear explanation of future research directions.

This third edition has been completely revised to reflect the advances that have occurred in the field in the past several years. The updated text provides readers with a complete picture of current research and emerging topics in sport psychology while challenging researchers to examine the factors that keep this discipline growing. Advances in Sport Psychology, Third Edition, provides a fresh look at sport psychology with these features:

  • Four new chapters on qualitative research methods, achievement goal theories, self-confidence, and parental and peer influences
  • Significant revisions of the second-edition chapters, along with more concise overviews of individual topics
  • An analysis and synthesis of the state of knowledge for each topic and a discussion of future research directions

Advances in Sport Psychology, Third Edition, focuses on active research that recognizes the merging of individual and socioenvironmental factors in making sense of sport performance and behavior. It will help students prepare and conduct their own research, and it will allow professionals to stay on the cutting-edge of the field.

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Advances in Sport Psych
Advances in Sport Psychology, Third Edition
Thelma Horn
Available April 2008 · Hardback · 512 pp
ISBN 978-0-7360-5735-6 · $69.00

Thelma S. Horn, PhD, is an associate professor and member of the graduate faculty at Miami University of Ohio. Horn is the former editor and a current editorial board member of the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology and a former associate editor and current editorial board member of the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology.

Horn received her PhD in psychology of sport and physical activity from Michigan State University. She earned a master of arts degree in coaching behavior from Western Michigan University at Kalamazoo and a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Besides editing the first and second editions of Advances in Sport Psychology, Horn has contributed chapters to several other books and has published many articles and proceedings on sport psychology. In 1999, she was cowinner of the research writing award from Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. In 1993, Miami University honored her with the Richard T. Delp Outstanding Faculty Award. In her free time, Horn enjoys reading, writing, and watching amateur athletic contests.


Part I. Introduction to Sport Psychology
Chapter 1. The Nature of Sport Psychology
Chapter 2. Quantitative Research Methodology
Chapter 3. Qualitative Research Methodology

Part II. Individual Difference and Sport Behavior
Chapter 4. Self-Perceptual Systems and Physical Activity
Chapter 5. Self-Confidence in Sport
Chapter 6. Attributions and Perceived Control
Chapter 7. Motivational Orientations and Sport Behavior
Chapter 8. Achievement Goal Theories in Sport
Chapter 9. Moral Development in Sport and Physical Activity

Part III. Socioenvironmental Factors and Sport Behavior
Chapter 10. Group Dynamics in Sport and Exercise
Chapter 11. Coaching Effectiveness in the Sport Domain
Chapter 12. Social Influence in Sport

Part IV. Psychological Skills, Intervention Techniques, and Sport Behavior
Chapter 13. Imagery in Sport, Exercise, and Dance
Chapter 14. Attentional Processes and Sport Performance

Chapter 15. Fundamental Goal Concepts for Process and Performance Success
Chapter 16. The Flow Perspective of Optimal Experience in Sport and Physical Activity
Chapter 17. Athletic Injury and Sport Behavior
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