Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Condensed Baseball Schedule Ruffles Coach Feathers


Not sure all of these comments make sense. But, one thing is for sure, uniform start of the season date or not, FSU and Mike Martin continue their fuitlity at the College World Series! Two and out is as ugly a phrase in Tallahassee as Wide Right (I was at the first one and believe me, it hurt!)

I side with the coaches on the academics - but maybe it is not necessary to play 56 college baseball games? How much would it hurt to play fewer mid week games that you have to fly to? Cut down 5 or 6 mid week games and work on player development??!!

Maybe if these coaches used that time to develop players and pitchers more, they would have better success in the post season, more successful players in the pros and have fewer arm injuries? Perhaps not, but I don't think you can dismiss this entirely.

Even college coaches look at "arm use" or "innings pitched" or "high intensity appearances" when judging future talent and weighing all the facts. Unfortunatley no definite research is avalable to make true sense of all these factors, but one thing is for sure. Poor throwing mechnics leads to injury and it is very hard to fix these problems mid season if you are playing all the time.

Just my two cents...

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