Saturday, May 12, 2007

Auburn Baseball to build fence around Alabama

And keep players from jumping across the state border. You'd better be pretty good (and a pitcher) to get a look from out of state.

Slater said his plan to rebuild AU baseball includes an emphasis on recruiting in-state athletes, balancing the classes so the team is not top-heavy, as it was when he started, and improving the team's consistency.

"The plan, quite simply, that I believe Jay's alluding to and talking about, is something I mentioned on day one," Slater said. "We're going to recruit the state of Alabama. We're going to recruit in-state kids, and as we move forward with this program, we're going to transform this roster.

Read article about Auburn baseball plans to rebuild using local players.

Temple has to have other more pressing problems at hand than to try this
switch on the tennis courts. You have to laugh at the details of this little con...

General College - Admissions News
Looks like administrations are opening up their doors to a little more transparency by actively promoting student blogs to prospective students. MySpace, FaceBook, Youtube, etc are all places to interact with college students and learn about student life. I guess colleges feel if they monitor and endorse certain blogs, they can at least have some influence in where students look for information (and a little more control).

Anything that is linked from a college's official web site will have some editorial control to it - don't believe that there is not. Whether they chose the writer or have some over site, there is control. Read article

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