Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lax Star Picks D-II over D-I, why?

The Albany Times Union ran a feature a recently about a former area High School lax star who chose Division II Merrimack College in Andover Mass. Greg Rogowski, now a sophomore is basically unstoppable in college as he led all of college in scoring when he was a freshman!

Surely capable of playing at a lot of D-I programs, he chose Merrimack for two main reasons.
1) He was getting a full scholarship package. School was paid for.
2) They had a specific major he wanted.

Of course they have a good program and I would guess Greg might have had to think twice about the school if their program was poor. It is nice to see decisions made on more than just getting to a D-I program. The fact is that Greg will get to play against D-I guys during summer league play and possible as a pro. Kudos to Mr. Rogowski and the coach at Merrimack, Bartolo Governanti for his recruiting job.

Speaking of Albany area lacrosse. I sat with Fran Johnson at the annual Capital District YMCA President's Dinner. Fran is the proud father of Matt who is a standout at Bethlehem NY High School and will be playing for upstart SUNY Albany next year. Matt is currently the 2nd leading scoring in Section 2.

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