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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Recruiting Video Home Style

Tired of waiting for your coach to get you a highlight video. Not interested in paying $500+ for a service company? Then do it yourself.

Or perhaps you are one of the few athletes who understands the need to study extensive amounts of game film to critique your own skills and self scout? If you get game footage, there are programs out there that allow you to create "cut-ups" or "high-lights" that you can then watch anywhere you can play a CD Rom. This would be an example of the athlete who understands what it means to "go the extra mile" or "do what it takes."

My buddy Nick Interdonato who owns , a sports and coaching software online retailer, has a very good, inexpensive ($195) product called Easy-Cut - Simple and Affordable Sports Video Editing .

While MAC and Movie Maker are free, they lack the tagging functions that this has to be able to create the cut-ups I spoke of. Colleges are now using iPods and portable
DVD/CD players to give to their athletes as homework.
You don't have to buy something new to make video as it is off the rack on PCs and MACs, but for scouting and use on a team level, something like Easy-Cut is a good option.

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