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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

NCAA takes on MySpace? A mismatch is there ever was one!

With the recent banishment of TXT messages in the recruiting wars (they now reside in a back room with full color media guides) this article points out that if it is not one form of communication it is another and the NCAA will never catch up to the method. What I don't like is the NCAA fearing "preconceived notions." Fact is everybody as some notion or expectation about a recruiting trip regardless of the source or how they found the source.

Student athletes need to do more research, not less, about their college decision. What they are told by 'official sources" is never the complete picture.

As it is, many colleges already regulate the and pages of their athletes.

" More college-age teens are turning to MySpace, a cyber community, to find out about a school that is recruiting them.

According to the NCAA, recruits are going online, talking with college students at the prospective school they're considering, and learning things coaches would not tell them. This can lead to "preconceived notions and can shift the dynamics of the recruiting weekend," according to a presentation before the NCAA convention in January 2007."

Read full article from's Dick Harmon.
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