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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Recruit me now? Hard to during the season.

I bumped into a UMBC Lax coach the nigth before the America East Men's conference finals against SUNY Albany (won by SUNY 15-14). We briefly spoke of recruiting which he said was about to head into "summer pressure mode." Camps, showcases, tournaments. The road show and busiest time of the year for the coaches.

He indicated that the bigger programs (Virginia, Hopkins, Syracuse, etc.) are getting like hockey and some of the other early commit sports by extending verbal offers after a players sophomore year. In effect trying to lock down recruiting classes two years in advance. This coach was skeptical of that approach as players and needs can change a lot in that time frame. Hockey used to have a gentleman's agreement about not recruiting players after they had verbally committed. Not so in football or basketball - not even close.

My crystal ball tells me that lacrosse will surpass hockey in popularity in the next ten years and more colleges will add programs in the south and far west. At that point, recruiting may not be so cordial and reflect the more competitive practices of other sports. Stay tuned.

As always, Lax Power is a great source of recruiting info.

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