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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Everybody loves college athletes - except at Middlebury College

Just a quick link to show you the types of attitudes that exist in colleges. This is example is from Middlebury College but could be from most any school in the country, especially small liberal arts schools. This hardly proves a hostile environment for athletes, but it is not like HS when nobody said things like this (not usually.)

I think you will see more of the big schools do what Kentucky did and that was to purchase their own school plane for recruiting purposes.

The cost of recruiting is very high, something that schools typically keep quiet. In this case, the concept of a specific plane for recruiting will likely open up more discussion than wanted, but it is Kentucky, not Princeton or Northwestern. To me, if it makes financial sense than do it.

What you will not see happen is athletes being flown in on a private jet. That ended a few years ago.

Runners - check out my pal Aimee Rodriguez's monthly soapbox blog . This month "A must list for runners."

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