Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Clips, Snippets and Links

3 Pt Line extended for 2008-2009 season - should open the paint for the Big Fellas.

High School Recruiting - if you have followed the court ruling on this issue in Tennessee you might find this article on controlling conduct, not speech, interesting.

Football Recruiting
I never cease to be amazed by the mob mentality a lot of college football coaches have when it comes to recruiting, judging talent and offering scholarships.
This article points it out again that the first scholarship offer is the hardest to get..then the rest of the schools get in line. Do they not trust their own evaluations of talent enough? Are they afraid to make mistakes? Do they not want to pull the trigger too early and draw light to a "diamond in the rough"?

From Jeremy Crabtree, Rivals.com director of scouting, "
The hardest offer to gain is that first one,” Crabtree said. “Coaches will never tell you this, but they say, Why is so and so offering? They must see something. One or two offers can snowball.”

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