Friday, June 08, 2007

ACC Scholarship Pipeline to tiny Rhode Island!

Good article in the Provindence Journal about a lacrosse player and cross-country runner who earned scholarships to Virgina and Duke respectively. One was a life long junkie of his sport and the other came late to his, even sacraficing his beloved basketball (in which he was recruited at the D-III level) to focus on the sport with Division I potential.

Worth a read for the scholarship minded.

I like this one also. It mentions the actual odds of getting a scholarship. Not good! In fact, about 1/4 of NCAA athletes get money! Study and get good grades to open up the real pool of cash!

Also of note is the issue of height and prototype. A football player featured in the article was eventually turned down by the D-IAA guys because he was too short for their liking. But that was never the stated reason.

5'11 defensive tackles are not prototype, 6'3+ are. Unless you have another skill such as long snapper, or can

Read full article.

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