Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Football Scholarship Frenzy - Summer Rock Star Tour

Even the legendary touring band The Grateful Dead would have a tough time keeping up with this Idaho HS QB's 10 Day recruiting and camp tour.

Let's keep an eye out in February 2008 for what happens to Mr Dane Broadhead of Minico ID. Parents of freshmen and sophomores, see what you have to look forward to if you son is a ranked recruit? Bottom line is that these schools want to now see what he does during the season. Then depending on need and where he is ranked on the board, they will all dance around each other until the last possible moment. If Broadhead stays hopeful about the PAC-10 big time like he has, tiny NAIA Carroll College will wait in the wings and figure out a way to make things work late in the game if he falls from the top.

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