Friday, June 22, 2007

SUNY Albany Runners at National Level

Small time maybe, but SUNY Albany did a lot to advance to the bigger time this year with several teams making NCAA tourneys (Men's hoop, men's lax, baseball, softball) and recently several track and field athletes faired well. Check it out in the Times Union.

Direct Link to SUNY Albany Sports Web Site.

You can see that most of the runners come from in-state. As always, most programs recruit locally for many reasons. Easier and less expensive to recruit and evaluate in person, in-state tuition at state schools will stretch the scholarship dollar and the majority of any college's student body is from with-in the state or region.

I recently read an article about SUNY looking to build a football stadium to attrack better athletes. At a school of this size, the field will be more than football - most likely soccer, field hockey and track and field. They have to be careful about spending too much money on the football program - it seems to be the formula around the nation- and not always successful.

Look at St Peters, a I-AA program that just dropped the sport. The $400,000 it cost to run the program will be reinvested in the athletic department.

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