Friday, June 01, 2007

Fastpitch Softball Players Can't Hit!

There were two no hitters in the Softball College World Series yesterday. Locally here in Albany, there was an 11 inning game that produced 6 hits and 26 strikeouts. When I see that there are young women cabable of hitting 20 HR's+ at the college level, I refuse to believe the old story of softball being harder to hit than baseball. My opinion is that coaches have not adapted and started to teach their better athletes to drive the ball. Instead they slap and bunt their way to 1 or 2 runs, if lucky enough to get that.

In baseball or softball, good pitching is hard to beat. But a baseball at 95 MPH is no easier to hit than a softabll at 65-70 from a short distance. The argument that softball hitters has less time is defeated with simple math and logic.

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