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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Athletic Scholarships for Specialists - Face Off!

When a player quits baseball in 10th grade and picks up a lacrosse stick for the first time the next day, would you expect that player to earn a Division I lacrosse scholarship? It depends on the player I guess, but in this case of Chris Hall from perennial NYS Section II lacrosse power Niskayuna - he was a natural. Goal scorer? No. Defensive monster? Nodda. What then, made Hall worthy of an offer after just one year of varsity lacrosse?

Face off genius! Read the entire article in the Albany Times Union.

Apparently Hall is off the field shortly after he face offs as he is not an "all round" player. Winning face offs allows teams to dictate pace and time of possession. Obviously this skill is important enough to bring in a one dimensional player at the college level.

A few posts back I wrote about the long snapper skill being such a skill that might earn someone a scholarship. Apparently Hall studies film and has made the face off is mission. In short he is focused. How many athletes accept limited roles and master them as opposed to those that might sulk because they are not playing more, or playing the position they want. Team players are valued and respected by coaches. Be one, master your role and you will be successful.

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CallChuck said...

I have a business associate whose son went to a long snapper camp and Brown is now showing interest. He probably wouldn't have gotten recognized as a Guard or Center. I'm a believer.

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