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Monday, June 04, 2007

Once again, players left on hook by coach - Donovan a case in point

At the top schools, such as Florida, player choose programs for reasons that include "what coach is going to give me the best shot at being a pro player?" You can learn accounting, business, education, etc anywhere, but far less schools give you the best chance to be drafted. SHould players be given a short window to sign with another school if the coach who recruits them resigns? What if the coach is fired for some reason, or tragically has to resign due to health or family issues. Then what? I can't see the NCAA changing their rules very quickly. It happens every year.

By Jeff Schultz Friday, June 1, 2007, 06:27 PM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Jeff Schultz

On Tuesday, Billy Donovan said he was close to a new contract at Florida.
On Wednesday, Billy Donovan said he was still close to a new contract at Florida and, no, he hadn’t spoken to the Orlando Magic.
On Thursday, Billy Donovan finally agreed to a new contract. With the Orlando Magic. Negotiations presumably took only 18 seconds, or were conducted via Ouija board through Donovan’s spiritual adviser, Pinocchio.
So coaches lie. That’s no revelation. Let’s move on.
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