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When freshman swimmer Joe Lessard received a letter of rejection from Dartmouth College after applying early decision, he expected to join a hugely competitive pool of students applying regular decision to some of the nation's best colleges, including Tufts. READ

Ivan Perez stood on the court at the finals of the high school volleyball championship in Puerto Rico. His play in that tournament earned him the honor of MVP and led his team to a national victory. But Perez did not know there was much more at stake that day. READ

In a year of triumphs marking USC Beaufort's return to intercollegiate athletics, one day left Kim Abbott feeling utterly defeated. This past July, the Sand Sharks' athletics director and golf coach met with her boss, USCB Chancellor Jane Upshaw, to recommend the school scrap plans for a women's golf team. Abbott had rounded up enough hopefuls to start a men's squad for its first season as an NAIA member, but interested females were in too short supply.


Jacksonville will add men’s and women’s lacrosse for the 2009-10 season, bringing the school’s sport-sponsorship total to 20. Mindy McCord will serve as women’s head coach and director of lacrosse. A search is underway for a men’s coach. Jacksonville will be the only Division I men’s lacrosse program in the state. Florida is the only other school to sponsor women’s lacrosse in the state.

Georgia State will start a football team in 2010. The school will also add women’s lacrosse for the 2010 season and is exploring other options for women’s sports as well.

Rhode Island announced it will eliminate men’s swimming, men’s tennis and field hockey at the conclusion of the 2007-08 academic year. The school previously had announced the elimination of gymnastics.

Indiana University has a few basketball scholarships open. The teamis returning only 3 scholarship players after the coaching fiasco they had last year.

Long Island will add women’s bowling for the 2008-09 season.

Bard will sponsor men’s and women’s varsity lacrosse programs beginning in 2010, giving the Skyline Conference its seventh program in each sport. The Bard teams will play in 2009 at the club level.

The men’s and women’s lacrosse programs at Maine-Farmington took another step toward starting play with the appointment of head coaches. The women’s team will begin competition in spring 2009 under Molly Wilkie, who also will coach women’s soccer, and the men will open play in spring 2010 under Christopher Parsons, who also will coach men’s soccer.


Tulane is getting another flood. Tulane University received 36,000 applications this year, more than double the previous year. The school got so many applications that it stopped taking applications before the actual application due date.

I am a big believer that school is what you make of it and if you want to be successful in school and after school, where you go to school has less impact on how you will do in the future. With that being said, it is interesting to note that Harvard University (the school with the 25+ billion dollar war-chest also known as an endowment) has recently decided to Match Penn, Yale, Brown and Dartmouth in a new tuition plan. Families that earn $60,000 or less can basically send their children to Harvard for free and families earning up to $180,000 will have to spend no more than 10 percent of their income on tuition. From an athletic standpoint, this could have an interesting effect on recruiting. One of the challenges Ivy coaches have when recruiting student-athletes is that they cannot compete with other competitive D1 colleges when it comes to athletic scholarships. While schools like Notre Dame, Stanford, or Duke can offer athletic scholarships, the Ivy’s in years past could simply offer the chance to attend an Ivy University and possibly get some financial aid. For many talented athletes, choosing between a school like Stanford offering them money to compete as an athlete and choosing an Ivy where they may have a $40,000 tuition bill simply wasn’t an option. But being able to offer free tuition or a severely reduced tuition bill makes attending a school like Harvard or Yale more of a reality for a top athlete. The challenge now is to find talented high school athletes who qualify academically for an Ivy league school.

Read from a press release about the signing of a field hockey recruit at a division 2 school. “Abby has been attending xxxxxx field hockey clinics since she was in eighth grade. Very early on I knew she could be a great fit for our program.

A school in Boston is getting lots of press for creating a rejection board. The rejection board is a place where students can post rejection letters from colleges they have recently received so they can feel better. Remember, getting rejected is not usually a reflection about yourself and with all that’s going on in the world right now, it is hardly the worst thing that can happen to you…

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