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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mike Barwis - Suddenly Famous

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For those in the blog and chatosphere wondering about the hype given Mike Barwis, the new Michigan SC coach, I recommend that you look back at the 2003 (not sure the year) WVU vs. Miami game in the Orange Bowl and see not just Quincy Wilson recreate an out of control freight train down the sideline and leave a cleat mark on some "caine;s" sternum. But you should also look at all those fat UM linemen - "Nobody works harder than UM!!?? Right Feldman?" - totally gassed in the 4th quarter while WVU was still rolling.
Watch the run again if y our don't recall

True, they lost, due in large part to the pure god given talent of Winslow - but the bigger picture is what we are after here.

I recall a chat with Mike in which he was less than impressed with the conditioning level of the "hardest workers in football." Well we all know, from the recent success in S. Florida, that we can't say that about Mike Irvin's extended family anymore.

Also, if you have ever sat in a team meeting, like I have, especially the night before the last home game of the seniors when they are all given a chance to speak ,then you might find it interesting that all 22 WVU Sr's mentioned Mike Barwis in their talk to the team. That means something.

So, the Big Ten is in for a rude awakening and likely OSU is the only team prepared to handle the speed and onslaught that will come at them once the Wolverines have their stuff together. Give em a year. The speed of play better pick up...

I think back to how bad FSU walloped Michigan in the big house back in 1991 and it seems they learned very little about speed since then. Not anymore.

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