Monday, July 07, 2008

Comment by Augie Garrido on postion scholarship breakdown

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Garrido parcels out his 11.7 scholarships based on position. He tries to give 5.5 scholarships to his pitching staff, 1.5 to his catchers, 2.5 to his four infielders with the remaining 2.2 divided up among the outfielders.

"You can't put together a college baseball team if one player has a full ride," Garrido said. "Your top scholarship is probably 90 percent."

Garrido also has his assistant coach Tommy Harmon decide how the financial aid will be divided so Garrido doesn't know.

"I don't have any connection or awareness of the money involved, so I can assure them it will be about the best ballplayer playing," Garrido said.

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