Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Women's Lacrosse Coach Receives National Honor - Does She Stay

Women's Lax has been around at Division III Hamilton College for a long time, since before I started there in 1987 so this is not a recently new program, a la the Northwestern University program that built a 4 time defending NCAA Championship program in basically a few years.
But, Patti Kloidt who has been at Hamilton for six years must be on more than one schools short list of coaches to replace an existing coach or start a new program. But you never know, she could love the lifestyle and pace of coaching D-III and plan on staying there as long as she can. You never know.
Any recruit interested in a program with a reigning national coach of the year has to find that attractive, but understand you are not alone and ask the coach what his or her plan are? Do they have a long term contract to stay at the school - where do they see themselves in 2 or 3 years.

Ideally you pick a college with at least equal weight to academics, social fit and athletics, but we know many of you weigh sports more than academics - because, let's be honest, you might be a good academic fit at a lot of schools.

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