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Friday, July 25, 2008

Who Is Fielding Yost?

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Some say he is a great inventor...but of what?

Interestingly for Michigan football fans, Yost, a West Virginia native, is perhaps the grand father of the spread, up tempo offense. Yost is a Michigan Legend and former AD of Big Blue. His nick name was "Hurry Up". Something you no doubt hear new Michigan Coach, and fellow West Virgina native, Rich Rodriguez say a lot. Albeit with a few curse words mixed in.

So, Big Blue fans, if you are not happy with the new look Wolverines this year, you only have one place to look - your own back yard! (make that two, West Virginia).

From Wikipedia - During their first five seasons under Yost, Michigan outscored its opponents 2,821 to 42, earning the nickname "Point-a-Minute."

So for all you folks out there wondering who was actually the father or grandfater of this wide open, hurry up, spot the ball and snap it movement? It comes with some surprise that sluggy old Michigan (for the most part) was the epicenter of the movement.

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